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"Those who say what can't be done, should never interrupt those who are doing it!"


Tammy Montgomery-Dozier - National Vice-President, Preferred Professional Speaker (PPS)

Tammy Dozi’er is a Certified Professional member of SPAA (Speakers Publishers & Authors Association) and she holds a Competent Communicator designation with Toastmasters International. She holds certification in Master Writing and Master Speaker.

Tammy Dozi’er is a Professional Speaker, Director, Singer, Actress, and Author. Her accomplishments include being a Keynote Speaker and an award winning speaker receiving the SPAA USA 2014 Speaker of the year.

Tammy Dozi’er is a Professional Speaker, Director, Singer, Actress, and Author. Her accomplishments include being a Keynote Speaker and an award winning speaker receiving the SPAA USA 2014 Speaker of the year. Her achievements include: The SPAA Theater’s 2016 Actress of the Year, 2017 Director of the year and the highest honor at SPAA USA 2017. In 2017, she directed her own stage play “If It Don’t Fit”. She has an upcoming production called “Girlfriends”. Tammy been in numerous SPAA Theater productions: “Tammi Terrell” in “The Marvin Gaye Story”, “The Grinch “& “What Goes Around Comes Around”. She’s paid tribute to artists Natalie Cole, Jill Scott, The Emotions & Prince. She is a two time author “From F.A.D.S. To Freedom” and a collaboration book called “The Power Within”. Currently, she is working on two projects call “Just A: Background Singer” and “Addicted to Pain”.

Tammy is a Certified Life Coach and a Rape Crisis Advocate for the YWCA. She is currently the business owner of “Connected by Love Consulting” where she consults others in marketing their products through social media and other avenues. Tammy loves to motivate others and provide informational trainings on helping others thrive in their businesses and personal lives.

Jay Collins is an actor, singer, songwriter and arranger. 

He discovered his love for music and performing at an early age. Throughout grade school, he frequently won talent shows and was featured in school productions where he would act and sing. In high school, he joined the Soul Children of Chicago Gospel Choir for two years.

His professional acting career began with the stage production of “The Devil & The Choir” at the Arie Crown Theater in Fall 1995. He had also written two of the songs that were featured in this production. During the course of the career, he has taken numerous acting classes, workshops and seminars to perfect his vocal, piano and acting skills. Jay has performed in more than 20 different productions with SPAA out of Park Forest, Illinois. He is also part of the SPAA Actors’ Troupe leadership team.

He played several roles, including principal singer, in the hit stage play “Standing in the Shadows” where he worked with icons like Jennifer Holiday, Tommy Ford, Dave Hollister, Christopher Williams and director David Gray. Other productions he has worked on include “Ebony Scrooge” at the Harold Washington Theater, “Herod the Great” at Carver Military Academy, “Preaching & Creeping” at the DuSable Museum, and three separate featured appearances at the Chicago’s Black Ensemble Black Playwrights Initiative series.

In Spring 2014, Jay had the honor of working with playwright and producer Eugene Dillanado, for the hit stage play “Fuzzy-Wuzzy Man” presented at the Harold Washington Theater, and directed by Curtis Hugghis. In April 2019, he decided to enter the annual SPAA writing contest and submitted two chapters. His entries were chosen to be part of our collaboration book, “The Seeds of Truth.”

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Michael V. Wilkins, awarded Jay the SGM Hartman Wilkins Scholarship, which covered the cost of publishing and releasing his first book.

Ronald Essex currently serves as the SPAA Combined Chapter Development

He is a proud graduate of DuSable High School in Chicago with a little more than two

and one half years of college. He dedicated more than 15 years as an Assistant Head Deacon for his local church it is there where he learned the importance of effectively serving those less fortunate.

This passion would ultimately lead him to becoming head of the Benevolence Committee

at his church.

It was there that he spent more than 3 years working first hand with those who were met with life’s unfortunate special challenges such as loss of employment, severe poor health and often times displaced from their place of residence and in desperate need of emergency housing. It was there that through the help of God he was able to deeply connect with the trust of people that he would do all possible to help them. He mastered fund raising efforts enough to keep the committee in a strong financial position to be able to serve and assist them.

Currently Ronald Essex is a retired veteran fire fighter after serving the City of Chicago for more than 28 years. His amazing career started back in the year of 1988. He often said; This calling never felt like a job but truly a service to the people of Chicago. But looking back over the years during his tour of service and witnessing the devastation and destruction that fire leaves in the lives of people Ronald decided to fight fire in a more pro-active way. That direction was by means of Public Educating in regards Fire Safety. Through application and interviewing he was accepted into The Public Education Division of the Chicago Fire Dept. With extensive fire/data training along with his prominent speaker ability for more than 7 years he provided numerous safety workshops, seminars and lectures regarding Fire and Public safety. With this pro-active concept hopefully many may never have to feel the devastating wrath of fire.

While in the Public Education department he volunteer and become a member of the ChicagoPublic School “We Care Role Model Program” He quickly became a prominent speaker with the Board of Education and for more than 11 years mentoring and motivating hundreds of inner-city youth through the public school system and encouraged them to be the best that they were born to be. Being not limited just to children he was also requested to many public and private organizations, college students and specialized in High Rise Evacuations. He has been recognized for his service by the Mayor of the city Chicago, the Superintendent of Police along with the Governor of the State of Illinois.

Brenda Tucker - Jeffries CP (Certified Professional)

Brenda Tucker-Jeffries is the author of Mother of the Bride Stuff Happens, collaborating author of The Power Within, a Wedding Strategist, Coach, Public Speaker, over 50’s model with the Polk Entertainment Enterprise Inc. models and entrepreneur. She has a Master of Organizational Leadership degree. In 2010, after 38 years of public service in the U. S. Federal Government she took an early retirement from her last position of record as a Public Health Analyst. She is Vice President of the South Suburban Chapter of the Speakers Publishers and Authors Association (SPAA) and Vice President of the Chicago Midwest Chapter of Blacks in Government (BIG). Brenda became a real estate investor in 1986.

She received the Author of the Year Award and Speaker of the Year Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively from SPAA, the VIP Award from the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) in 2017 and the 2nd Place Nonfiction Book Award in 2018 from Authors Promoting Success (APS) International.

She received the Author of the Year Award and Speaker of the Year Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively from SPAA, the VIP Award from the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) in 2017 and the 2nd Place Nonfiction Book Award in 2018 from Authors Promoting Success (APS) International.

Contact Brenda at [email protected] and on Facebook and Linkedin.

Aubrey "Coach V" Volious, CP (National Chapter Development) Aubrey "Coach V" Volious

As a head coach, Volious directed the Malcolm X College program for four seasons (1993-97), where he produced a 67-46 record and graduated 92 percent of his players. He was named Region IV Coach of the Year in 1995-96 and led the Hawks to a regional championship. While at MXC, Volious produced four All-Americans along with the NJCAA’s leading scorer (Johnnie Blake) and rebounder (Eddie Washington) during the 1995-96 campaign.

A native of Buffalo, New York, Coach V has been inducted into the Chicago Public League Basketball Hall of Fame and the Robert Morris University Athletic Hall of Fame (with two teams of distinction). He is a member of the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC).

Volious graduated from Iowa State University in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in science and physical education and received a master’s of science degree in physical education from Chicago State University in 1990.

Aubrey and his wife Sherri have two sons, Koby and Jerod, and two daughters, Tené and Ashley, along with four grandchildren. The Volious family resides in South Holland, Illinois.

He is also a Certified professional and has earned the designations of Master Writer, Master Speaker, and Certified Executive Life Coach, he has also been awarded the SPAA Leadership award for 2014. 

Jacqueline Grover, CP, is the Combined Chicago Chapter President

Jacqueline Grover is a dedicated member of SPAA USA (Speakers Publishers & Authors Association) and STAT (SPAA Theatre Actors Troupe).

Jacqueline is a Director, Playwright, Author, Actress and Singer. She is very passionate about her craft. Jacqueline is the owner of Your Way Creations by J, which is an event planning and catering company. Her company takes great pride in helping you plan your event from beginning to end.

Jacqueline wrote and produced her first hit stage play “I’m Still Wearing Your Name” in 2017. She has performed in multiple Stage Plays and Musical Productions at the SPAA Theater to include The Gospel According To Mrs.Scrooge and The Queens of Soul where she paid tribute to the Gladys Knight and the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. She is an author in the “The Power Within” a motivational collaboration by many SPAA Authors and is currently working on the several new projects.

CAROL ROGERS, CP (Certified Professional)

National Trainer for SPAA

Les Brown, PP (Michigan), serves as a national speaker and word renowned motivator, he has been apart of SPAA since it's inception.

Warren Baxter, CP (England)

He serves as the National President of SPAA and leads the SPAA England chapter, one of the largest chapters in SPAA International.He is a professional speaker and provides assistance in the development of SPAA Policies and procedures.

JeRome Brown

Is a former president of ToastMaster, current professional member of SPAA. 

Sabrina is also the host of a radio talk show, she created developed after the name of her forth coming book; “Quick Tips” which will be heard and seen on SPAA Radio & SPAA TV.

Joyce Kelley (Illinois) , serves in leadership in SPAA and is a certified financial planner.

Julie Orlov, CP (New York) Is a radio and television show host she speaks on various topics from relationships and business matters.

Jodey Watley, CP (Hollywood) She is a well known R & B singer and inspirational speaker.

Dr John Wilder, CP (Maine)

Is a physiologist and professional speaker.

Jolinda Wade (Illinois) Is a pastor and inspirational speaker.

Jennifer Livingston (California)

Is a relationship speaker.

Karen Sherman (Oregon) Is the president of the Oregon chapter and is a professional speaker and speaks on financial matters and real estate

Tracey Mosley (South Carolina), is a consultant and professional coach.

Marian Ohmehimer, CP(Omaha), once served in a leadership position of the Omaha chapter , and is a entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Tina Swain (Illinois) is a relationship expert and author, she is also an inspirational speaker

Jeffrey Haroldson (Iowa)

Eugene Dillanado, CP (Illinois), once served as the chapter president in Chicago and is the CEO of "The Balck Pages International", he is an inspirational speaker.

Aftab Nazir, CP (Pakistan) is the president of our Pakistan chapter and a author he is also the pastor of his church and a world renowned inspirational speaker.

Brandi Norwood, CP(Hollywood) is a well known singer and actress.

Czinga Mathews (Atlanta) is a self proclaimed "Foodie" and author of several books and inspires others to do the things they fear most.

Charles Manning (Illinois)

Deirdre Webb (Illinois) is an inspirational speaker, singer and actress, she serves with the SPAA Theater.

Toni Mallard, CP (Philadelphia) Is an author and motivational speaker

Beth MaCintosh (Wyoming) is a fitness coach and serves a s a motivational speaker

Dr. Regina Allen-Wilson is President/CEO of AW/Associates, LLC providing customized consulting services in the areas of team building, conflict resolution, image/self-esteem, self-motivation, job readiness skills, business/social etiquette training and spirituality.She has over 30+ years of corporate management/executive roles in Marketing and Human Resources with companies such as BP Amoco, TJX Corp., Advance Presort Services and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield which served as a foundation to helped her launch her company - AW/Associates, LLC.

Maundi Gurtmah (India) He is the chapter president of our India chapter and a professional speaker.


PP (Preferred Professional)


Lily Midland (Tennessee) Is a inspirational speaker and speaks on topics dealing with autism and relationships.

Beth Holindaer (South Dakota) Is a motivational speaker

Robert Matthau, CP (Nevada) Is a inspirational and motivational speaker

Angela Wiggins, PPS, serves as the national treasurer for SPAA and is a CPA and professional speaker she is also the author of several books.

Rita Rocker, CP (Omaha), once served as the chapter president of the Omaha chapter, she is a professional speaker.

Angela Washington (Florida) is a author and inspirational speaker

Monica White (Delaware) is a therapist and inspirational speaker.

Sambonia Akahabuta, CP (Africa)

Lynn Pinner (Texas), once served in leadership in the Houston, Texas chapter, she is an inspirational speaker and entrepreneur.

Macklin Harris (California) Is a physiologist and inpirational speaker.

Seth Zimmerman (Kansas) is a scientist and inspirational speaker.

Charles Perry, CP (Illinois)

Once served in SPAA leadership he is an inspirational speaker.

Wendy (China) Is in leadership of our SPAA China chapter, she is an international motivational speaker.

Toneal Jackson (Ohio) is an author and inspirational speaker

Sandy Alston, CP (Illinois), is a first time author, she served in leadership at the South Suburban SPAA chapter and is a motivational speaker.

Artice & Richard Kennedy, CP (Illinois), the author of "But God" and "Thank God" (respectively, they are inspirations speakers and serve in leadership capacities in SPAA

Ron Rembert (Mississippi) is a motivational speaker and business man.

Burma Thomas (Illinois) is a new author and inspirational speaker.

Michelle Bolton, CP (Colorado) is a relationship expert .

Tisha Arnold, CP (Hollywood) is a well known singer, and actress.

Samantha Gregory (Michigan) is an author and inspirational speaker

Paige Anderson

(Alabama) Is a motivational speaker.

Veronica Yancy (Illinois) is currently serving in leadership in SPAA, a professional photographer, a professional event planner, actress, singer and more.

Ami Bryant, CP (Illinois), serves in leadership at SPAA and is an author and inspirational speaker.

Myla Heart (England) is a radio personality and author

Carol Cameron (North Dakota) is a inspirational speaker and talk radio show host.

Pastor Patrice Turner, CP (Illinois) once served in leadership in SPAA and is a author and pastor.

Val Densmore (Illinois) Is a public servant and recently elected as the city clerk in the South Suburbs of Illinois, she is an inspirational speaker.

Faith Miller (Illinois) serves in leadership at SPAA, is a singer, actress, speaker and minister.

Heidi Goldenburg (Omaha) once served in leadership at the Omaha chapter, she is a speaker.

David Heard (Illinois) is a retired engineer, a member of SPAA and actor and singer

Jimmy Emmons, CP serves in leadership in SPAA and is an author and professional speaker

Janet Hart (Illinois)is a member of the SPAA South Suburban Illinois Chapter. (Click on photo for entire BIO).

Woodrow Grover, II

A multi-talented entertainer, sound technician, professional DJ, singer and actor.

Yvonne Snumsick

Is a professional model and actress, she has been an active member of Spaa Theatre. She is also a talented musician.

Keban Works is a member of the Chicago South SPAA Chapter



January 2012-present

Script writing, filming, photography, trailer-shorts (PSA’s, interviews), jingles, producing, editing, director, paparazzi,