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"Those who say what can't be done, should never interrupt those who are doing it!"

Membership Services

SPAA provides a variety of professional speaking, writing, marketing, publishing programs and services exclusive to its members.

What is SPAA?

The Speakers Publishers & Authors Association is the premier professional membership organization created to improve the effective communication, publishing, marketing, writing, and leadership skills of its members. Dr. Michael V. Wilkins along with several professional speakers, publishers & authors officially formed SPAA in 2007. Our primary goal is to afford professional training and development in the art of professional speaking, publishing, and writing, while presiding over meetings, and to promote sociability and personal and professional Relationship Building Opportunities among its members.

Who Belongs to SPAA?

Anyone who wants to improve their speaking, publishing, marketing, writing, and

relationship-building skills can join a SPAA chapter. Some SPAA chapters are community-

based and their members come from the surrounding area. Anyone over the age of 18 may join, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, or religion.

When and Where Does SPAA Meet?

To find the times and locations of other SPAA chapters please visit the website at or call the national office at 708-785-7371.

What do you do at the SPAA Meetings?

We use meetings to learn and practice the skills needed to assist you in your personal and professional development. An agenda is prepared so that members will know what is to happen and who is responsible for each task. The SPAA chapter leadership opens the meeting and maintains the required quality of training in their respective chapter. SPAA members with assigned roles are introduced as the agenda progresses and often members of the SPAA National office drop in from time to time. Most of the meeting is devoted to training in the areas of professional writing (becoming an author) publishing, marketing, and professional speaking. Various other subject matters are covered from time to time, including community concerns and recognition awards.

What are SPAA "Professional Designations?"

Most members join SPAA as a SPAA member (No Designation), however, there are three designations in SPAA; first, the Advance Member (AM), the CP (Certified Professional), this designation is earned by those who have proven their commitment to their respective profession as an author, professional speaker or professional publisher (or all three). This is achieved by completing required professional training during the SPAA regular monthly chapter meeting, holding leadership offices within the local chapters, or by designation by the founder. The highest professional designation in SPAA is the PP (Preferred Professional) designation. This is usually earned by those who serve (or have served) as a national board member of SPAA, have earned the CP designation, and usually make their living as a professional speaker, publisher, or author. Specific details are provided to all candidates for either designation in the Advancement, Certification, and/or Leadership Modules.

What is the SPAA "Resource Manual?"

It's a manual that contains a detailed list of various resources, including books, DVDs, and more from various professional SPAA members, which lists their specific books, and related products and or services that new members (and veteran members) can use to enhance and/or develop the respective skills or expertise in the areas of professional speaking, publishing, marketing, editing, becoming an author and more.

When I Join SPAA, What Can I Expect?

You can expect the most professional training from some of the industry's best. We are proud to have some of the best trainers, publishers, editors, marketing professionals, and professional speakers in the business. Never have you found so many talented and compassionate professionals willing to share their time and expertise. Your personal efforts in SPAA will determine your professional development.

Why Should I Participate in SPAA Monthly Training?

Being a member of SPAA provides much more than learning how to speak, publish or write.  SPAA is dedicated to assisting you to succeed in your personal and business development as well. Today's business environment is very competitive; to be effective you must have the right tools. At SPAA people from all backgrounds learn to speak effectively, conduct professional training, run a SPAA chapter meeting, manage a business, lead, delegate, and motivate. As your communication skills improve, so will your ability to earn more challenging and rewarding positions in your chosen field. The leadership skills you acquire through participation in SPAA will increase your relationship, writing, communication, leadership, and management skills.

Is it Expensive to Belong to SPAA?

While "expensive" is a relative term. In relationship to other professional membership organizations, the answer is No. There is an annual membership fee of $99, ($199 for Certified members and $299 for Professional members) which is paid annually, and a monthly fee, which is about $5. This is an extremely economical expense in comparison to various courses, seminars, programs, DVDs, video, and media kits offered in other markets. The first-time guests pay only $10 (chapters may or may not charge this fee) and this $10 fee is applied to their membership if they join during their first meeting, the fee is $20 for all returning guests. SPAA is the least expensive among some other professional speaker associations.  In our opinion, SPAA offers the best variety (the only known professional membership association to provide Speakers, Publishers, & Authors training) and the most effective training to develop your confidence and more in your respective areas of expertise. Any SPAA member can give you more details.