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"Those who say what can't be done, should never interrupt those who are doing it!"

Speakers Academy

Want to become or hire a Professional Speaker? 

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Patricia Starr, CP (Omaha)

A two time author and professional cyclist, beauty pageant winner and entrepreneur.

Toleda Hart, CP (Illinois)

Currently the President & CEO of MYSI, Inc., and was recently elected to the Glenwood school board.

N J McDaniel, CP

Author (Illinois)

Recently retired and has written her first book "The Promise" and is currently working on her 2nd novel "The Mission" serves as membership chair for SPAA

Bishop Leonard Scott, CP (Indiana)

The founder of TYSCOTT records the oldest African American Gospel label, with artist like; Rance Allen, Shirley Murdock & more, and pastor, he is also a dentist, songwriter, musician and more.

Diane Teagarden, CP(Montana)

A professional therapist, professional speaker and more.

Carla L. Hawkins, CP (Illinois)

Currently the Chairperson of Chapter Development at SPAA, an author and director, she is also a board member for SPAA Theatre & Performing Arts.

Dr Karen Sherman, CP

(New York)

A relationship therapist and professional speaker, she is also a talk show host and frequent guest of SPAA Radio.

Thelma Shirley-Taylor, CP


The Author of "Laugh Again", an serves as chairperson of "The Friends of SPAA"

Judge Glenda Hatchett, CP


A Television personality and inspirational speaker

James Amps, III (Florida), PP

Co-founder of YSPAA, Author and professional speaker he serves on the national board of SPAA

Ronald Garner, National VP, PP (Illinois), He has been an active member of SPAA since it's inception, he is the author of several books and is a world renowned inspirational speaker. He is a retired military Vietnam veteran and a well known architect in the Chicago-land area and abroad.